Arctic Abyss

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name K.Rool's Keep
Level name Arctic Abyss
Previous level Kreepy Krow
Next level Windy Well

Difficulty: 9/10



  • Most important mechanic here is charge canceling with Eduardo. Do so by pressing the opposite direction during a charge, and then repressing the direction you want to go. This is used whenever you want to start going either up or down, as you normally can't move during a charge. Note that if you are holding Y during the charge cancel, you can start thrusting with the B button.
  • Much like Glimmer's Galleon, this level is deceptively hard, as taking corners smoothly is very difficult.
  • Eduardo's hitbox is weird. He can get hit between his thrusts. Charge canceling at the right time is crucial in this level because of this.
  • Perform a small jump at the beginning of the stage (saves ~0.3).
  • At 0:21, there would normally be a Puffer. Despawning him is important, as he would be in your direct path (Reflected Tutorial).
    • Although where you charge cancel matters for the despawn, your movement around the shaft at 0:18 matters just as much (you don't want to go too low).
  • Sometimes the charge at 0:22 can pull you down and end early. To prevent this, quickly tap Left at the top of the water before starting your charge to better position yourself.
  • The charge cancel at 0:24 matters for getting the most optimal movement at the midway section. The setup shown in the video is charge canceling late, swiveling around and staying low at the small shaft, then starting your Eduardo thrust at the end of the shaft (thrusting too high will result in hitting the starfish).
  • Don't charge cancel too early at 0:37, or you can hit the Lockjaw.
  • At 0:50, charge when Eduardo is at the top of the falling water so it starts pulling you down with it.
  • It is possible to avoid the goal fanfare even underwater. Swim down to trigger the lowering of the water, swim back up to the ledge and then hold Down+Right to quickly crouch-fall to the bottom. Once Dixie touches the ground, simply swim to the target while still holding down.