Barrel Bayou

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krem Quay
Level name Barrel Bayou
Previous level Kleever's Kiln
Next level Glimmer's Galleon


  • Safe: 3/10
  • Optimal: 5/10




  • At 0:15 simply holding left after you land on Rambi will allow you to do a moonwalk.
  • It is slightly faster to jump off Rambi, compared to bringing him past the No-Rambi zone.
  • The team throw into the barrel at 0:40 seconds may seem slower, but it "stores" a super jump for a skip at the end of the level.
    • At 0:50, you want to run yourself intentionally into the Kloak, giving you a Damage Boost across the final section.



  • At 0:09, roll across the section, instead of jumping over it. Make sure to release Y to not pick up the barrel (Saves ~.2s).
  • At 0:12, use the barrel to shoot yourself to the croc (Saves ~.2s).
  • At 0:14, move yourself as little as possible to the left after landing on Rambi.
  • At 0:25, jump into the right barrel (Saves .13).
  • At 0:33, roll under the barrels instead of jumping over (Saves minimal time, but can lose time if poorly executed).
  • Before the end, use the barrel to shoot yourself right (Can save minimal time if executed properly, but it averages the same speed. It mostly looks awesome). This also applies to the very first blast barrel of the stage.
  • The Rambi dismount can be done in a multitude of ways, so pick a favorite.
    • In theory, a low dismount is better. However, the most important part is to be consistent at dismounting late and quickly, so choose a method that you are comfortable with.


  • Top Barrel is a bit precise and can result in death, or losing Rambi if you do it very late. However, after a bit of practice it is pretty consistent, and on failure will only make you fall to the barrel below (Saves ~.25s, but loses ~.2s on a failed attempt) (Timed to be 14 frames).
    • Often, turning Rambi to the left just before the Top Barrel will turn a failure into a success, as Rambi's hitbox is larger from behind.
  • Luke Top Barrel (shown in the second video) uses a Rambi Double Jump to reach the barrel instead (Saves ~.1s over the safe strat).
  • The Klobbers can be avoided completely. This will mostly happen randomly during runs where you jumped a bit too much, so just know that it is about the same speed.