Barrel Cannon Canyon

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Kongo Jungle
Level name Barrel Cannon Canyon
Previous level Coral Capers
Next level Very Gnawty's Lair


  • Optimal: 3/10
  • No Major Skips: 7/10

All Stages



  • Holding Right+Y+B while being shot out of the barrel at 0:16 will put you in such a position that you can get an optimal roll in upon landing.
  • The technique seen at 0:19 has many names - "The 1-5 Extendo," "Extendryu," "Suzuri Roll," etc. This extended roll saves 1.5 seconds over the easier extendo method. To pull off this technique, please refer to the visual aid below. Alternatively, the beginner extendo is much easier to pull off.
  • The ending of the stage seen in this video is 1 frame faster than going left and rolling through the Kritter after rolling off the tree. It's also much easier to perform optimally.

Expert Extendo Visual

Also known as the "Suzuri Roll" as it was discovered by Suzuri, or "Extendryu" for Enryu's consistency


  • When following this visual aid, it is important to keep a few things in mind: Start you roll where the left side of the red line begins (at the left side of the divot in the ground). Where you begin your roll will alter where the rest of the inputs will be required for this to work. Where the visual says "Tap," make sure the right edge of Diddy is touching this area when you initiate the tap.

Beginner Extendo Visual

Cbarrel extendo.jpg

  • To do this extended roll, simply let go of Y after you roll into the second Kritter and repress and hold it again after you roll through the third.

No Major Skips


  • There are 2 omega extendos in this stage that are tricky to perform.
  • Omega 1: To roll through the krem around :09, you will want to press left briefly as you bounce on the krem after the barrel shot. You will roll through the first 2 krems while holding Y, do a quick left-right on the d-pad and roll through the 3rd krem while holding Y as well. For the 4th krem, you will want to have Y released as you roll through him and then tap Y before rolling through the 5th krem. Have Y released again while rolling through the 5th krem, then repress Y right before the ledge.
  • The barrel section near midway is similar to 101%, where you need to spawn the barrel early so you don't have to wait for the cycle.
  • Omega 2: At :44 you will want to run directly under the first krem to spawn the 3rd krem, then run backwards and roll through the first krem while holding Y. You will want to release and repress Y for both of the next 2 krems. The timing is tricky and takes practice!