Bramble Blast 102

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krem Quay
Level name Bramble Blast
Previous level Slime Climb
Next level Kudgel's Kontest




FastClip Cue1.png FastClip Cue2.png FastClip Cue3.png

  • These pictures shows when you need to release left, use the flower in the top right corner as visual cue, you need to wait a maximum of 12 frames (0.2s) on the floor before jumping or you may hit the vine (no damage tho). This frame amount is supposing you released left direction at the first possible frame and hit the teamup at first frame
  • For the rest of the strat, please refer to any%
  • After the teamthrow, if diddy freezes, it means you went through and need to react by holding right to land up the bramble.