Buzzer Barrage 103

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Razor Ridge
Level name Buzzer Barrage
Previous level K3 to Razor Ridge 103
Next level Kong-Fused Cliffs 103



  • To skip the first Buzzer, do a small flap (down + B) at the start of the platform, then hold down and do another small flap at the start of the shadow of the stalagmite. This skip is rather precise, you can just kill the Buzzer with the barrel instead.

6-1 buzzer skip.png

  • To skip the first Kopter, hold down on the platform and do a small flap between the second and third banana. You can opt out of this for safety.
  • A good cue to line up with to get past the Buzzer guarding the first bonus is the stalagmite left of the Buzzer.
  • At 1:26 make sure to go far enough down to spawn the Kopter before collecting the Koin to save time.
  • The squeeze past the Kopter at 1:40 is very precise.
  • If you enter the stage with Kiddy in front, you can take damage on the Kopter at 1:55 and pick up a hidden DK barrel just below the center of the bananas afterwards. It's possible to get past the next Kopter with the invincibility frames from the damage, but is not recommended due to the difficulty.
  • The teamed up jump on the Kopter in the second bonus is precise. A good cue is to line up the front of Kiddy's feet with the smallest stalagmite at the bottom. For safety you can opt to bounce on the Kopter normally and collect the remaining stars with a team up on the left side, similar to the right side.
  • On Benny's chairlifts, after this stage, press left to skip a textbox after confirming you want to ride the chairlift.



  • For the faster first bonus entry, tap left at the stalactice shown in the picture below and hold down.

6-1 fast first bonus entry.png

  • The alternative Buzzer skip is preferred by many runners. The stalagmite left of the Buzzers is a good visual cue to line up with.
  • For the faster second bonus make sure to teamthrow at the peak of the bounce off the Kopter to avoid failing the bonus.