Castle Crush

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name K.Rool's Keep
Level name Castle Crush
Previous level Windy Well
Next level Clapper's Cavern

Difficulty: 2/10


Castle Crush Skip a.k.a. kuchiyose glitch


  • Killing enemies lags the crush for 2 frames and putting the barrel down lags the crush for 1 frame. If it's not required to kill an enemy for more serious lag reduction, it's best to let the enemy die on it's own.
  • You can reduce lag by killing the Spinys before jumping onto the goal.
  • Make sure Dixie is positioned correctly after Diddy is killed. If Dixie isn't far enough left, she'll be crushed by the invisible ceiling before she can jump onto the goal.

Twig's Tutorial