Chimp Caverns 101

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Chimp Caverns
Optimal time N/A
Previous world Kremkroc Industries
Next world Gangplank Galleon

Tanked Up Trouble


  • Beat the stage first using the All Stages videos, then re-enter to get the bonus as shown in this video.
  • Holding right as you mash buttons after beating the stage the first time will keep you from walking to 6-2 so that you can re-enter the stage immediately.
  • The bonus-skip is off-screen, but not as difficult at the one in Snow Barrel Blast. Generally, you want to pause as soon as Diddy goes off the screen (may vary slightly depending on whether your TV has any overscan).
  • Nailing this skip will save ~10 seconds, so it's worth practicing.

Manic Mincers


  • When coming out of the first bonus hold right and 'y' and jump from the little dip in the ground to make it through the mincers.
  • For the last bonus, you have to wait a little bit for the gnawtys to come to the left so when you bounce on one you make it up top.
  • The room that looks like a bonus that you skip at the end is one of 2 "fake" bonuses, the other one being where winky is in Bouncy Bonanza.

Misty Mine



  • This video has commentary explaining a couple things. Input display should also help.


When to release B

Misty sfr 101.png



  • Keeping the TNT barrel can be tricky and is the only way to open the bonus. Practice jumping over the klaptraps so it doesn't seem terrifying.
  • You don't gain control of your Kongs in the last bonus until about half way through the bonus, so you have to let go of the dpad, jump and then hold right.
  • If you try to hold right and jump you'll only jump through the last barrel.
  • The jump at 1:15 is really precise. Too early you will fall in the pit and die. Too late and you will hit the army and die.

Loopy Lights


  • The roll at :24 is tough and only saves 5 frames, while getting stuck generally loses around 1 second. Do it if you're comfortable with it, or just opt for the strat in the safe video.
  • Skip the halfway barrel if you're confident, as it causes a bit of lag.
  • At :40 make sure to grab the barrel, this is one of the easiest bonuses to forget because in all stages you actively avoid grabbing the barrel.
  • The tire rolls in the dark are pretty scary, just bounce on them if you aren't comfortable.
  • To make it over the bees in a single jump at :55, you must jump at the very last possible moment in your roll. You can use Diddy as a visual cue for this, as his roll stops right when his hand touches the ground at the end of his roll.
  • In the bee section, it is possible to only let go of the d-pad once, right before you jump over the bee where the G is. Releasing it in other spots can make the section much easier, though.

Platform Perils