Clean-Up part 1

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Game
Level name Clean-Up part 1
Previous level Bleak's House
Next level Buzzer Barrage 103


  • Under normal circumstances, you need 55 bear coins to buy the mirror (50 coins) and the shell (5 coins). In order to buy both the mirror and the shell from Bazaar with less than 55 coins, you have to execute the so-called robbery. By first buying the mirror, and clearing the textboxes fast enough, you can buy the shell before the bear coins have counted down below 5. This can be done either through timing the inputs or mashing, depending on player preference. Note that at least 50 bear coins are required.
  • Visiting Blue's Beach Hut and opening Krematoa are done early in order to allow you to enter Krematoa quickly after the K. Rool reset, which means the spawns in the green banana bonuses can be predicted.
  • Opening Krematoa can be tricky. Sometimes the game refuses to accept two seemingly fine circles. Keep trying until Krematoa opens.
  • Leaving Bazaar's General Store and Barter's Swap Shop as soon as you obtain the items you need saves some time. You cannot do this in Blue's Beach Hut.
  • This video by Claude, who timed this route to be faster, explains the robbery and the bear coin route in-depth:



  • If you have exactly 50 bear coins, you can do the robbery by walking out of Bazaar's General Store after buying the mirror and revisiting to buy the shell. This loses approximately 7 seconds, but is consistent.
  • This ONLY works with 50 bear coins.