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How to help out

Discussion Tab

At the top of every page you will see 2 tabs one for the page and one for 'discussion'. discussion should be used to discuss things about that particular page.

  • Anything you may find lacking or in need of more info
  • You want to put something the page but not sure where to put it
  • General wiki maintenance stuff

This is a great way to help out if you are new or unsure.

  • needed someone to explain a trick to you because the wiki didn't have enough for you put it on the discussion tab!
  • figured out something on your own and are wondering why its not mentioned on the wiki put it on the discussion tab!

These kinds of contributions are very helpful and will assist everyone. They make it much easier for someone to know what needs a bit more information instead of trying to just overload the entire wiki with extra info and having only 5% be useful.

General Wiki Formatting Tips


  • When linking anywhere internally to the wiki i.e you want to reference something on the trick page from a level page you should always use the internal link format [[Main_Page | The Main Page ]] => The Main Page
  • External links [ twitch] => twitch should only be used for stuff outside the wiki never link like this [ dkcspeedruns]
  • This makes things much easier if we ever need to move the wiki to another domain. also it helps with searching and makes a lot of the wiki tooling much nicer Special:WhatLinksHere/Tricks.