Cotton Top Cove 103

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Cotton Top Cove
Optimal time N/A
Previous world Mekanos
Next world K3

Bazza's Blockade


  • Bear coins count: 26

Rocket Barrel Ride


  • Bear coins count: 27
  • Parry is a beast for the final bonus, do not forget to get her

Kreeping Klasps


  • Bear coins count: 27

Tracker Barrel Trek


  • Bear coins count: 29
  • When using Ellie, you can press R to do the water spitting animation, even if you have no water, to cancel the momentum from being ejected of a barrel.

Fish Food Frenzy


  • Bear coins count : 30
  • This level can go wrong in so many ways (thank you stupid fish). Adapt to the situation so that you do not lose too much time (i.e. final parts of the stage and bonus)