Criss Kross Cliffs

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Krematoa
Level name Criss Kross Cliffs
Previous level Stampede Sprint
Next level Tyrant Twin Tussle


  • Safe: 4/10
  • Optimal: 9/10
  • Water%: 9/10




  • Bear coins count: 52
  • Don't forget to reactivate the kegs shot after the second bonus or else you're going up for nothing.



  • Bear coins count: 52
  • Only do this if you are confident! Stand yourself on the leftmost part of the keg and you won't get hurt. Beware of the very last clip: the bee is slightly more to the left. If you get hit high enough, hover with Dixie and the kegs will shot up again (back-up).



  • It is recommended that you learn backups in case damage is taken during team-up throw attempts
  • In case such a hit occurs, is possible to hover with Dixie over the Buzz you took damage from and have the kegs pass through (but not always, especially on the last Buzz)
  • The last Buzz has less room on its left with which to throw