DKC3 W1 Warpless

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Lake Orangatanga
Optimal time ?
Previous world none
Next world DKC3 W2 Warpless

Lakeside Limbo


  • Taking the lower route before the checkpoint seems around half a second faster than going above even with the lag
  • You may need to jump earlier than you think when spinning off the ledge near the Koin, else he may push you to the side before you can jump up
  • If you spin into the Kobble before Ellie too early, you will spin off the ledge in such a manner that will place you on top of Ellie instead of bouncing off the box or falling down behind it, so try to avoid that

Doorstop Dash


  • Try to jump off the fourth lever and hover over the Buzzes when the Buzz in front has moved about halfway down
  • By using barrels, you can get through doorways quicker, which means you can spend less time on their corresponding levers

Tidal Trouble


  • Dixie lets you stay dry for potentially ~95% of the stage
  • Not much to say about this one, just try to optimize your rolls and time spent in the water

Skidda's Row


  • Can abuse Krimps throughout the stage if you can make them save time (doing none should barely lose time in comparison)
  • The ending has some tougher Skidda rolls - the first double has a small window of frames with which to spin after landing if you reach it in time
  • Difficulty depends on which rolls you go for, but this is probably the hardest W1 stage for Warpless to execute cleanly (Doorstop Dash being second)
  • Krimp-less version

Murky Mill


  • Avoiding the scare from rats after certain drops down will require holding away before holding forward again
  • Of the two the above applies to, the one after the "O" is tricky and can easily hurt you depending on how you fall
  • Carrying the respawned barrel after the checkpoint to the lift allows you to easily catch the lift before it goes back up
  • For the pair at the ending, you can simply hold right the entire time (and of course jump when appropriate) to get through, but doing so is roughly 20f slower than timing it so Ellie doesn't become scared