DKC3 W2 Warpless

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Kremwood Forest
Optimal time ?
Previous world DKC3 W1 Warpless

Barrel Shield Bust-Up


  • Basically the same first half as Warps up to the warp barrel, then need to hesitate a little on the two ropes afterward (before the checkpoint)
  • Can go directly up left side of rope after checkpoint and not get hit, assuming you haven't scrolled camera too far up already
  • Need to jump to avoid being struck on first and third sections of the last rope

Riverside Race


  • Cleanly grabbing the invincibility barrel can be tougher than it looks
  • Bonus barrel path should yield better results than the water

Squeals on Wheels

Any Version


  • Door clip should be much more consistent (possibly 100% success) while holding the Kong barrel than otherwise (teaming up as a setup loses frames)
  • You also want the Kong barrel to pop in this stage so you can execute the next stage optimally
  • Make sure you keep the Sneek on camera during its trek on the floor, else it will despawn back to its original location
  • If you pick up the Kong barrel early, make sure not to carry it too close to the doorway in the beginning - it can break on the steel that's left over at the top
  • It saves frames to have Kiddy positioned farther away from the door so that you don't bounce off the Sneek as you pass through
  • Make sure in doing the above that after your first roll, you do not jump with full height and break open the Parry box on accident
  • Should work on any version of the game

Japanese 1.0


  • Apparently only works on the Japanese 1.0 version of the game, making it not possible on Virtual Console
  • Same concept, but this version allows for different (faster) execution

Springin' Spiders


  • Not a lot that requires explaining here, just a bunch of jumps (some much tighter than others)
  • Tight jump timing is required to land properly on some of the platforms around the Squawks signpost
  • By far the most difficult stage of the world to complete without any obvious input errors, but possibly the most fun stage to play