DKC Gangplank Galleon

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Gangplank Galleon
Level name Gangplank Galleon
Previous level Necky's Revenge


  • This fight is more of a glorified cutscene than anything. Try to time each of your hits such that you don't see K. Rools crown come out of his hands for an optimal fight.
  • Delivering the blow to K. Rool that causes the fake credits is ~0.3s faster as DK, since he doesn't bounce as high as Diddy. Therefore you want to ideally enter this fight as DK after world 6. Alternatively, you can sacrifice Diddy prior to this hit to get the time save.
  • Congratulations on making it this far! Beat this oaf and you've won the game. You beat your PB, right?
  • You can find everybody's best times on the leaderboards.