Gorilla Glacier 101

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Gorilla Glacier
Optimal time N/A
Previous world Vine Valley
Next world Kremkroc Industries

Snow Barrel Blast


  • Rolling at :10 instead of jumping saves six frames if done correctly. If you just jump, let go of Y momentarily as you land (repress it as soon as you're in the air again) to avoid grabbing the barrel and sliding to your death.
  • At :19 you can shoot the barrels so fast that you will hit the bee, just afterwards its possible to hit the klaptrap if your jump the first 1 or 2 frames after landing.
  • The Barrel Boost just requires you to be on a slope. If you get the boost but miss a bird, it means you were turning around and jumped before you were fully facing forward.
  • To make the extended roll at :44 you have to roll through all 3 birds, this may take some time to be consistent with. The video above explains it a bit.
  • Under barrel at :57 (failed in this video, check All Stages) involves jumping directly into it from underneath, you have 6 frames to do this before reaching the death trigger, the best way to do this consistently is to use an audio cue from rolling threw the necky. Saves up to 21 frames.
  • You can skip the last bonus after re-entering the stage, but it's off-screen, making it the most difficult one to time. If you hear the barrel shot sound after pausing, you got it.

Slipslide Ride


  • Due to the ice physics, jumping from a standstill is the fastest way to reach full running speed.
  • At :29, jumping over the klaptraps despawns them so they aren't in your way. However, done a certain way, it is possible to accidentally despawn the ropes leading to the next bonus as well. Follow this part of the video carefully.
  • At 1:07, jump so that the kremlings spawn later and are in a favorable spot to roll through. Otherwise, you are likely to get hit. You can also very briefly let go of right instead, which will let you roll through both, but the difference is minimal.
  • Be careful with this bonus skip, as there isn't a known 100% consistent visual cue at this time.

Ice Age Alley


  • Even more so then in All stages, losing the bird is terrible, you need her to reach the last bonus.
  • The beginning barrel boost section isn't to bad, the jump under the kremling is tight however, solid movement and you will reach the rope every time.
  • After the first bonus music fades out you can hold y b and right to jump out of the bonus in the air, allowing you to flutter over a big part of the stage saving quite a bit of time.
  • After exiting the second bonus, jump when you just started to go up the slope then briefly let go of the d-pad you will clear the barrel very easily, jump once more clearing the hill and the manky at the top.

Croctopus Chase


  • There aren't bonus Stages here! Please use the any% all stages route!

Torchlight Trouble


  • We skip squawks because he causes lag but you are given him after the first bonus, the lag can come in different places depending on how you move so getting used to the lag while jumping over pits or backboosting off of enemies is quite important.
  • To bounce backwards off Krusha and Klump, you'll need to turn around just before landing on them. It will take a bit of practice.
  • The oil drums only hurt Diddy if he lands in the center. All of the jumps are done without slowing down in midair at all, so watch closely to see where each jump is started.
  • Donkey cannot land on the oil drums safely on this stage at all.
  • The crawlspace zip on this stage is the hardest one in the game. If you get a good jump but are still going backwards, try delaying your roll a bit longer to make sure you get the most distance possible beforehand. To get a lot of speed going into the crawlspace, you will likely need to jump earlier than you think.

Rope Bridge Rumble


  • To do the extendo at :26, release Y after the second guy and repress on the tire. If you fail it, you just have to jump at the end. Mashing Y at the start helps if you miss the hit on the second guy often.
  • The turn around right after the extended roll is done to manipulate the time that the platforms spawn on the screen. Failing to do so will make the jumps impossible without waiting for them to turn back around. After practice, you can do it very fast like shown in the video, but starting off, face left longer to be sure it worked.
  • The tire roll at :37 is tough, as the platform is moving. The other strat is to wait on the tire then bonuce up, which only loses .6 on average.
  • When exiting the last bonus do not roll right away or you will get hit, inch yourself forward a bit so that when you roll, you make it under the bee unharmed.