Hot-Head Hop

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Crocodile Cauldron
Level name Hot-Head Hop
Previous level Krow's Nest
Next level Kannon's Klaim


  • Safe: 0/10
  • Intermediate: 4/10
  • Optimal: 8/10



Intermediate (Wrong Warp)


  • Klobber Busting
  • Having the Kroc in the lava fully visible should set up the ID for the invisible barrel.


  • If you do Twig's method, you have to stand still for a split second after getting the invisible barrel, or you will get the black chest. It is at most ~.2s slower.

Optimal (Wrong Warp)


  • At 0:05, wiggle upon hitting the rat. Your wiggle needs to be small enough to where you won't get bonked upon grabbing the chest, but large enough to where you won't bonk the Klobber into the lava (Saves ~.7s).
  • At 0:10, perform a Team Up Jump (Saves ~1.7s).


Backup/Slower setups

  • A backup strat if you were hit on Krow and don't want to reset. The setups are obviously slower, but really simple.

Wrong Warp Backup

A backup if the klobber falls into the lava.