Jungle Hijinxs

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Kongo Jungle
Level name Jungle Hijinxs
Next level Ropey Rampage


  • Optimal: 5/10


If you haven't already, be sure to check out how the movement works in this game on the Tricks page. You will likely get more out of watching the video examples for each stage after gaining a better understanding of the game's movement mechanics.

Funky Start

U v1.0 exclusive. After Cranky appears on the title screen, it is possible to load a glitch that saves time on the map screen. Instead of pressing Start to skip the opening cutscene, press Start and then immediately press down. Do not press any buttons until you get to the file select screen. You will start the game inside a Funky airplane barrel, and music will not change. This saves 72 frames (1.2 seconds) as DK moves faster on the map screen, and saves time not loading the world map music.

Kyoro's Video

Pressing Start, Down, Y or Start, Down, Y Down will cause no Kongs to appear on the map screen, and will softlock the game trying to enter an invalid stage.

All Stages



  • Breaking the DK barrel on the Krem at 0:05 is faster than throwing it. To make sure you hit the Krem with the DK barrel and not the Gnawty (which is slower, unless you do "TAS Gnawty" described below this section), you must make sure you do not do your first roll upon entering the stage immediately after landing - wait a frame or 2 at least.
  • Rolling off of the tree at 0:08 is slightly faster than rolling off the platform. To ensure that you can roll off the left side of the tree and still make it onto the next platform with the Krem consistently, you will need to use Float Storage. To do this, you simply do a max jump onto the tree, and continue holding the B button from this jump all the way until you roll over the gap. Alternatively, you can just roll off of the right side of the tree and not worry about Float Storage for now.
  • The omega Extended Roll in this stage is quite difficult for this being the first stage in the run. Refer to the visual aid below and pay close attention to the input display in the video to gain an understanding of how this trick works. Also be sure to watch The DKC1 Introduction Video before attempting this trick.
  • To roll over the gap after the Klump at the end, be sure to start your roll a moment after your previous roll ends. If you time it too early, you won't make it over the gap.

Triple Extendo Visual

Jungle2.jpg The Tricks page and the Visual Cues page have more information on techniques and visual cues if needed.

"TAS Gnawty" Strat


  • "TAS Gnawty" is the strat at the beginning of the stage, where you break the DK barrel open on the Gnawty (as opposed to the Krem) on the same frame you take damage on him, allowing you to roll through the Krem above and save ~0.15s.
  • If you want the opportunity to go for this strat (have the DK barrel break on the Gnawty rather than the Krem), you must do your first roll while entering the stage immediately upon landing and have decent movement leading up to the trick.

Advanced Tutorial



  • Sacrificing Donkey is faster than swapping manually, as you save time later by not having two Kongs on the world map.
  • Rolling on or very close to a ledge will cause you to roll without losing height momentarily. Use this to cross small gaps at a higher speed.
  • The roll across the Kritters' platforms at :08 requires an extended roll. You can skip it if you want, but it's a good introduction to what is the most important trick in this game. For this one, tap Y on the left side of the platform, making sure you don't slow down, then repress and hold Y as soon as as you grab the third banana. This should carry you all the way to the Necky section.
  • If the roll stops around the halfway barrel, your timing or speed was off. Just jump up next to the Necky on top of the mountain and roll through him instead. His first two projectiles are bugged and can't hurt you on the first wave of three.
  • Make sure you let go of Y while rolling through the barrel so that you do not grab it.
  • Try your best to NOT grab the Expresso token here, as it's the only token in the game that is possible to accidentally grab three of and be sent to a long, unskippable bonus.

Old Summon


Optimal and consistent warp for 1.0



  • If you did everything correctly but ended up in bouncy, you have the 1.1 version.
  • If you did everything correctly and the nut from the Necky in 1-1 kills donkey, you might have 1.2.
  • If the game crashes when you leave the bonus, you probably threw the invis instead of placing it down.
  • If the bonus doesn't open when you place the invis down, you probably loaded the sprites in the wrong order. (pay close attention to the start when you're climbing the tree house. You want to roll off the stub to the tree before jumping, this prevents the butterfly from messing up your ids)

1.1 Version


  • Stop where you collect the N and wait for the Gnawty.
  • Time it so the Gnawty hits Donkey during the animation of him placing down the invis.
    • If you're too early, you'll get sent to bouncy.
    • If you're too late, your game will crash.