K3 103

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name K3
Optimal time N/A
Previous world Cotton Top Cove
Next world Razor Ridge

Krevice Kreepers


  • Bear coins count: 30
  • Jumping above the Klasps (0:12) can be hard for beginners. Avoid it if you can’t do it.

Tearaway Toboggan


  • Bear coins count: 36
  • Try to get all 6 coins. They can be tricky to get, but it’s literally 6 coins for free!

Barrel Drop Bounce


  • Bear coins count: 36
  • To do the Flying Drop Barrel trick, you have to jump and release Y on the same frame.
  • The barrel that you need to step on to get to the second bonus won’t load if you do the throw with Kiddy to go up instead of walking around to the left.

Alternate Strat for DK Coin

  • Flying Barrel Drop only saves a few seconds, and isn't really worth going for. Use this strat instead.

Krack Shot Kroc


  • Bear coins count: 38
  • This stage can be really frustrating. Practice it like a mad man!!!

Lemguin Lunge


  • Bear coins count: 40
  • Killing Kiddy makes the stage less laggier, but also much more difficult. If you have trouble, keep him as a safety.
  • Talk to Blizzard after