Kannon's Klaim

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Crocodile Cauldron
Level name Kannon's Klaim
Previous level Hot-Head Hop
Next level Lava Lagoon


  • Safe: 1/10
  • Optimal: 5/10







  • While on the ground, team-up with Dixie.
  • Jump up so that Diddy is right next to the hook.


  • At the peak of Diddy's jump, throw Dixie.
  • The recoil from the throw will place Diddy on the hook.
  • If Diddy doesn't land on the hook, then you were too far right and the recoil was not able to place Diddy onto the hook.


  • Right when Dixie hits the Kannon and begins traveling back to Diddy, jump.


  • You want to immediately press and hold jump again before Dixie gets back to Diddy.
  • The timing on these jumps is tight; if you were too slow in jumping, then Diddy will just fall. If you were too fast in jumping, you will not maximize your height, and not spawn the barrel.


  • If you made it this high, then your jump is good on height. All that's required now is to make the warp barrel in one throw.
    • If your height is not enough, you can try throwing a second time after Dixie comes back from hitting enemies on the platform above.
      • If your height is really not enough, even the second throw will hit nothing.
  • The way the camera pans affects the loading of the warp barrel, but not too much is known about that.


  • Done!
  • As a recap, the inputs are:
    • A (team-up)
    • B (jump to the right of the hook)
    • Y (throw Dixie at the Kannon)
    • B (jump off the hook as Dixie hits the Kannon and begins tracking back)
    • B (jump when Dixie is coming back to you. This input is much faster than you would expect it to be, and you typically want to press and hold B to maximize height)