Kaos Karnage

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Mekanos
Level name Kaos Karnage
Previous level Low-G Labyrinth
Next level Cotton Top Cove


  • Safe: 2/10
  • Optimal (U) 2 Cycle: 6/10
  • Optimal (U) 1 Cycle: 10/10
  • Optimal (U) 1 Cycle (Dixie Kong): 11/10
  • Optimal (J): 9/10




  • Do this if you can't pull off the optimal boss.

Optimal (U) 2 Cycle


  • Doing Kaos this way does not work on J (please see the optimal J video below)
  • This version saves around 26.5 seconds over J optimal.
  • To perform this boss optimally you’ll need to perform the Team Throw Hovering trick
  • To save time you'll want to start mashing when the flame from Kaos is parallel to the middle blue light in the background.
  • Killing this boss in 2 cycles requires you to bounce on Kaos 4 times on the first phase (before the helmet shoots lasers) then 2 times after.
  • For phase 2 you need to make sure that you’re close enough to his head so that you’ll hit him before he rises again (if you’re too high after bouncing on his head on the initial hit try to lower yourself when you team throw).
  • Some small helpful tips when learning:
    • For the first phase you’ll be bouncing once then throwing two times each time for 3 bounces, you should drop on top of him with relative ease each time except the last bounce in which you need to keep hovering for 5 throws until he moves over to you.
    • For the second phase you’ll be bouncing once then team throwing two times after then the third you can throw Dixie over to the ground to secure the final hit.

Optimal (U) 1 Cycle


  • Team Throw Hovering
  • Watch the video, as it contains an explanation of the setup + potential back-up strats.
  • Again, this does not work on the Japanese version.
  • Both the height and the direction of the team-throws are important to maximizing consistency.
  • This method saves 13 - 15 seconds over a 2-cycle.
  • NOTE - there is a mistake in the video about when to mash at the beginning of the fight. You want to mash when the red flame is parallel to the middle blue light, not the bottom one.

Optimal (U) 1 Cycle Alternative


  • Team Throw Hovering
  • Be sure to get some height off the bounce before you start team throw hovering.
  • Get as many quick hits as you can before touching the ground. Even if you mess up early in the fight, try for more quick hits next time he's vulnerable.
  • A 1 cycle kill (as show in video) is nearly impossible to get consistently and requires being close to the wall for the later hits.
  • A more likely case is a 2 cycle kill, where team throw hovering is lost between the 4th and 5th hit on Kaos.
  • Getting either a 1 cycle or 2 cycle kill is fast enough for it to be worth using U instead of J.

Optimal (U) 1 Cycle (Dixie Kong)


  • Team Throw Hovering
  • Be sure to get some height off the bounce before you start team throw hovering.
  • Get as many quick hits as you can before touching the ground.
  • A Dixie Kong '1-cycle' kill (as shown in video) is MUCH different in execution from a Kiddie Kong '1-cycle' kill as Dixie's falling physics are much different than Kiddie's.

Optimal (J)


  • Watch the video, as the first segment contains all the information you need to defeat this boss quickly.
  • Although you cannot team throw hover on the Japanese version, you can still skip the 3rd cycle via a damage boost.
  • Spawning the blades on the same side saves 1 second each, for a total of 5 seconds saved if you do this for every cycle.
  • If done perfectly, this boss is roughly 26.5 seconds slower on the Japanese version (compared to a 2-cycle KAOS on the North American version).
  • It is possible to beat this fight even faster using four Team Up Jumps. However, as each one is a 1-frame input, this is currently considered TAS-only.