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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Krematoa
Level name Knautilus
Previous level Rocket Rush to Knautilus
Next level Clean-Up part 2 (103%)
None (Beat Krematoa)

Difficulty: 8/10


  • The fireball shooter will start shooting on the opposite side that the Kongs are on. Follow the positions as shown in the video to get the optimal results.
  • The quick hit at 0:41 is quite lenient. A good visual cue for when to start your jump and barrel throw is when the fire ball lands at 0:40 and you see sparks appearing on the ground.
  • The quick hit at 1:04 is more precise. To get this quick hit you need to make sure you hit K. Rool as early as possible on the hit beforehand (0:55 in the video), and you can then use the same visual cue as for the first quick hit. If you are not comfortable with this quick hit, it is advised bail out.
  • If you do not go for the second quick hit, go to the left for the 2nd and 3rd hit (0:24 - 0:28 in the video) instead of the right. This will make K. Rool face to the left at 1:11, allowing you to hit him earlier.
  • The lightning at 1:11 will always spawn on the right side.
  • The lightning for the last three hits will spawn randomly on the left or right side. The needle at the top of the stage will tell you where it will spawn. You can move the barrel closer to that side for some timesave.
  • Shown at 1:29 in the video is the pause glitch. You can use this glitch to your advantage to stop K. Rool from moving while the barrel is conducting the electricity, potentially allowing you to hit K. Rool faster. You will have to evaluate whether it will be faster to pause on each hit. Ideally you'll hit K. Rool as quickly as possible and have him end up close to the middle after the final hit.
  • For the pause glitch, make sure that BOTH ends of the electric rope are out, or else it will extend and cover the whole screen, meaning that as soon as you unpause, you take a hit.
  • Alternatively, if you find yourself between the barrel and the electric rope, you can use the pause glitch to make the electricity pass safely through the kongs towards the barrel.
  • Sacrificing a Kong at the end of the fight is slightly faster for 103% to speed up the overworld movement. In Beat Krematoa it is optimal to not sacrifice a Kong.