Kremkroc Industries 101

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Kremkroc Industries
Optimal time N/A
Previous world Gorilla Glacier
Next world Chimp Caverns

Oil Drum Alley


  • The flames from the oil drums will only harm you when they are fully extended from the barrels and only if your Kong's sprite is touching the center when you land. This can be used heavily in our favor to speed the stage up tremendously.
  • You need to be at the correct height to jump through the middle of the oil drums; too high or low and you'll hit the flame and die.
  • You want to grab the DK barrel for the jumproll in the next stage.
  • When entering the bonus at :25, hold left briefly until your Kong is about to turn around, then start jumping to the right. If done correctly, the bananas will always be lined up. You will have to re-enter the stage to try again if you fail.
  • When the barrel drops from lining up the 3 bananas, DO NOT run at the wall. This will result in the victory animation and you won't actually make it into the bonus. You need to jump into the wall instead.
  • To do the extended roll at 1:20, tap Y as late as possible before hitting the Manky and repress when you are over the arrow sign.

Trick Track Trek


  • This video doesn't get any jumprolls, but showcases all the spots for them.
  • Holding right and mashing after beating the stage the first time will allow you to re-enter without walking down to the next stage.
  • Swap to donkey before getting on the platform.
  • There are 2 chances to get a jumproll with Donkey. If you fail them both, kill off donkey and grab the DK barrel later, as there is one more chance for a jumproll with Diddy.
  • If you missed all 3 jumprolls, there is an extended roll at 1:28 which saves a pretty big chunk of time.
  • If you entered the bonus at the halfway with Diddy, swap to donkey beforehand for the next jumproll. Doing it later can ruin the setup.
  • You can try to skip the bonus at the end, but be absolutely sure that you hear the barrel explosion before exiting the stage, or you'll lose a huge amount of time, even if you grab the halfway barrel. It's best to try to time it on the late side, so that you either hit the frame or end up in the bonus.

Elevator Antics


  • This stage is exactly the same as all stages until the very end, plus re-entering the stage for the bonus at the start. Just watch the end of this video for how to enter the bonuses optimally and refer to the All Stages videos and notes to tackle the rest of the level.

Poison Pond



  • There aren't Bonus Stages here! Please use the All Stages route!


Mine Cart Madness


  • The rolling-in-air glitch only works on U 1.0 and 1.1 and J 1.0. It doesn't work on any PAL versions.
  • Getting the midair rolling glitch works differently then in all stages, so you don't need to run into the minecart at the beginning.
  • When you jump into the bird to get hit, make sure you're directly in the center, or else it may not work.
  • You will still have the glitch for the very last bonus, so after you jump off the bottom tire, you can roll in the air and jump into the bonus.

Blackout Basement


  • Watch the Safe Videos if you're struggling with the optimal strats.
  • Nothing about this stage is random. The lights go on and off in set intervals (62 frame intervals for J, but the lights stay off a little longer on the U version).
  • Learning to adapt to different light patterns if you screw up is hard and takes a lot of time. Try to practice finishing the stage as quickly as you can even if your pattern gets thrown off. Turning up the brightness on your TV so you can see the yellow tape and use it as visual cues may help.
  • Omega: This trick is very difficult and only saves up to 40 frames. The trick begins at :13 and involves 5 krems. For the first 2 krems, you will want to hold Y and roll through the first krem, then release Y, roll through the second krem, then repress Y shortly after. The difficult part comes with the next 3 krems. You will want to Hold Y and roll through the first krem again (first of the 2nd batch), then release Y right after, and repress Y right after rolling through the 2nd krem. After that you will want to release Y again before rolling through the 3rd krem, then repress Y again right before the ledge (Please refer to input display in video).
  • If you get the full roll, but can't roll at the end, it means you timed the double extendo (between the last three) too late. If you stop rolling immediately, you were too early.
  • The extended roll at :19 is quite precise. Grabbing the rope is recommended until you are very comfortable with the trick.
  • Some rolls require you to roll off the edge, and others require rolling before the edge. Mixing these up can easily kill you, so watch the video carefully.
  • Getting the steel keg to the last bonus can be scary. It's very easy to lose speed and cause it to despawn, and you will have to play the stage again.
  • You can throw the steel keg against the left wall and ride it in order to avoid the chance of losing it.
  • The most important thing to avoid losing the keg is hitting the roll through the Kremlings at the end. Most of the time you lose the keg will be from messing that up.