Kremwood Forest to Krematoa

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Krematoa
Level name Driving to Krematoa
Previous level Arich's Ambush
Next level Stampede Sprint Beat Krematoa

Difficulty: Boomer/10

Water Movement


  • Practice and try to get used to the movement with the Hover Craft on the map.
  • Optimally, you can unlock Krematoa in only 2 laps. Both laps will start counting on the southernmost rock of the 4 visible (the one closer to Blunder's Booth).
  • If you bonk, or move away from the course to unlock the volcano, your lap won't count, and it will require extra laps to make Krematoa appear.
  • Releasing Y right before finishing the final lap allows you to do a tighter turn to enter Krematoa a bit faster, without going wide and losing time.

First Boomer Skip


  • To perform the 1st Boomer Skip, you must do 2 'B' presses in consecutive frames (Technically it is 'B', release 'B', and 'B' again, in a total of 3 consecutive frames), starting from the 'B' press to select the "Let's do it, Boomer!" option.
  • Some runners slide 2 fingers across the B button to hit the frames, as shown in the video.
  • Performing this skip will make Boomer look bugged when you revisit him to reveal Knautilus, but the 2nd Boomer skip is still totally doable.