Krevice Kreepers

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name K3
Level name Krevice Kreepers
Previous level Cotton Top Cove to K3
Next level Tearaway Toboggan


  • Safe: 5/10
  • Optimal: 7/10





  • Horizontal Rope Climbing
  • It's faster to maintain solo Dixie in this level, as it makes the auto-fire barrels shoot you out faster (since you don't have to wait for the 2nd Kong to enter).
  • At 0:28, you can choose to climb up either the left or right side of the ropes (they're almost identical in time).
  • At 0:53, Kiddy is grabbed to setup the Kong order for the next level. If both Kongs are grouped together when entering an auto-fire barrel, no time is lost.