Krockhead Klamber

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krem Quay
Level name Krockhead Klamber
Previous level Glimmer's Galleon
Next level Rattle Battle


  • Safe: 3/10
  • Optimal: 5/10


Warpless videos



  • Try to spend as little time possible holding the reeds.
  • 0:17 From the top of the reed, shortly (but not too shortly) tap the jump button, then buffer a roll. This can be achieved in many different ways though.
  • New to the Wrong Warp? Check out the tutorial below!


Basic Safe Setup

  • It's a 25 frame window. Careful not to kill the guy (means you were too close to him).
  • If you throw from too far left and Dixie doesn't take damage, you can try again by going left to despawn the guy and then coming back.

TriHard Fast Setup

  • For when you've mastered the normal setup, this more difficult setup can be used to save an additional 0.25s or so.

Alternative Safe Setup

  • This is not as fast as the trihard setup, but you may find this setup more consistent.
  • Stand at the sign, then when the Kutlass is about to swing the sword, do a full roll (hold Y) to the left while holding down to normalize the distance.
  • The normalization removes the need of a visual cue for the throw, but make sure to start the roll earlier than with the other safe setup.



  • At the beginning, jump over the Kutlass instead of killing him.
  • At 0:09, roll over the gap between the platforms. This can be tricky to execute, as if you buffer your roll, you won't make it. (Saves ~.25s).
  • At 0:12, perform the Riz Roll. You need to learn when you can safely jump under the Kaboing, and when you have to jump from the water to avoid the reed and the Flitter (Saves ~.3s).