Krow's Nest

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gangplank Galleon
Level name Krow's Nest
Previous level Topsail Trouble
Next level Hot-Head Hop


  • Safe: 1/10
  • Optimal: 19/10




  • After Krow grabs his eggs in the first two cycles, he goes to the right-most side of your screen. Because of this, make sure the camera is as much to the left as possible for these phases (staying left of the nest will keep the camera fixed).
  • Losing a Kong in this fight is the worst possible scenario! You need two Kongs for the next level and you will get the Diddy rap.
  • From the 3rd cycle, this fight is all luck and everyone hates it. Good luck!
    • On a more technical note, your RNG (or number of fake eggs that you will get) is predetermined on the frame that you enter the Krow fight on. It also seems that entering the fight on two independent files on the same visual frame from a hard reset does not lead to the same RNG. Because of this factor, it will most likely be impossible to figure out a frame perfect setup to enter Krow on fakeless every time.



  • For the first two cycles, you want to tap left before Dixie lands on the egg.
    • Newer players might have difficulty with this timing. Basically, you want to start your jump when Krow drops his egg. You also want to land on the egg as close to the ground as possible, so that you don't get hit.
  • Always knock Krow towards the nest, since it's faster to do so than to have him fly there himself.
  • If you're lucky on cycle 3, you won't get a fake, and you can jump boost on Krow to get onto the nest. This skips the animation freeze of the team-up.