Lake Orangatanga 103

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Lake Orangatanga
Optimal time N/A
Previous world None
Next world Kremwood Forest


Wrinkly Skip


  • We do a wrinkly skip in 103% also, but it's different from any%. At the fourth textbox, press B then left a few frames after. If you get it right you'll hear the save sound and leave. This will make wrinkly thinks you have talked to her and you'll see the final textbox at the end (which gives the final%).
  • DO NOT GET THE BIRD! The boat is way too slow. In fact, do not get any worldmap bird until you get the gyrocopter!

Lakeside Limbo


  • Bear coins count: 2
  • Green bananas bonus are random. Just fly around to try to get some bananas faster.

Doorstop Dash


  • Bear coins count: 3
  • Flying above the 3 bees (0:19) can be hard for beginners. Avoid it if you can’t do it.

DK Coin Strat

  • Credit goes to Claude for this. This strat is a lot easier and faster than the old camera manipulation strat.

Tidal Trouble


  • Bear coins count: 5
  • Kiddy can bounce on the water by rolling into it and pressing B when you touch the surface. On the first pair of bounces, you can hold down to make them shorter and reach the platform sooner, making your next roll longer. Saves basically nothing, aka frames.
  • Try to be out of the water as much as possible. It pushes you to the left, which slows you down.
  • After the 1st bonus, switch to Dixie.
  • The hover to the 2nd bonus is free.
  • Simply hold right and Y to clear the second bonus.

Skidda's Row


  • Bear coins count: 8
  • If you miss the first bear coin, don't worry, there is plenty of back up!
  • Rolling into the Skiddas on the house at the second bonus can be tough, especially with Dixie.

Dixie Route


  • At the start of the level or after bonuses, it's faster to start moving with a jump rather than a roll because snow.
  • A new version of Tidal Trouble ends with Dixie in front.
  • At 0:05 you're able to kill the guy with a Just Defend, see Tricks for more info.
  • This level is surprisingly hard to perform optimally, snow+ledges are a bad combo.

Murky Mill


  • Bear coins count: 9
  • Being ejected out of the first bonus through the bee can kill you if you’re too slow! Do NOT land anywhere!
  • If you lose Kiddy before getting the first bonus, you can fly over the bees and just kill them with the barrel.
  • (1:29) Sometimes the mouse can hit you. If it happens, just kill the bee with the barrel behind it instead of kamikazing in it (and dying)

Ellie Skip

  • This trick is not easy
  • When buffering the down input do not hold for too long, it'll kill your momentum before you're past the barrel.
  • This is an easy way of getting a 19 on the first bonus, if you managed to skip your elephant.