Millstone Mayhem

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Monkey Mines
Level name Millstone Mayhem
Previous level Stop & Go Station
Next level Necky's Nuts


  • Optimal: 3/10
  • No Major Skips 8/10

All Stages



  • This stage utilizes a trick called a Super Jump, which you can store by taking damage and having the kong that took damage leave the screen by jumping off the top of the screen, which typically only happens if you take damage on a slope or along a wall.
  • To get the Super Jump from the left side of the Krusha, do a max jump into the slope as he gets close and spam ground slaps to slow yourself down on the slope. This allows the Krusha to catch up to you as you stall on the slope. As long as you're on the ground when you take damage, you will successfully store the Super Jump.
  • Once you have the Super Jump stored, the next time you take damage and then land on an enemy (one of the Krushas), you will be able to bounce upwards infinitely high for as long as you hold B. In the case of this stage, you only need to hold B for a moment to reach the barrel though.
  • See video below for a more in depth explanation:



  • This stage utilizes a trick called a Super Jump, which stores the jump that the Kongs make to the top of the screen when they die near a wall.
  • There is no difficult input required for this trick. Simply follow what you see in the video.
  • Holding the TNT barrel with DK allows you to take damage while storing the Super Jump slightly faster.
  • After taking damage on the Krusha to initiate the Super Jump, hold B as you bounce off the Krusha and let go as soon as DK is fully off screen.
  • Diddy is sacrificed as the warp barrel only appears for Donkey Kong.

No Major Skips


  • Both kongs are capable of rolling through the millstones. This is used heavily to save time. Only the circle of the millstone is the hitbox (not the shadowed part on the left).
  • Bouncing off enemies puts you in a state invulnerable to millstones as well
  • Using the lines on the ground as visual cues is very important for knowing when to cut your rolls short, so not to bonk a millstone
  • If you cut your first roll in the stage short before the backboost, it will give you more room to roll through the DK barrel while still getting the same amount of roll time in
  • At :18 it is alright to do a full roll and let it die for the sake of spawning the millstone as early as possible, since you'll have to wait for it anyways