Oil Drum Alley 101

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Difficulty: 10/10



  • The flames from the oil drums will only harm you when they are fully extended from the barrels and only if your Kong's sprite is touching the center when you land. This can be used heavily in our favor to speed the stage up tremendously.
  • You need to be at the correct height to jump through the middle of the oil drums; too high or low and you'll hit the flame and die.
  • At the start, do a full jump off of the platform and break open the TNT barrel. Be careful to not ram the TNT barrel into the Gnawty.
  • You want to grab the DK barrel for the jumproll in the next stage.
  • When entering the bonus at :25, hold left briefly until your Kong is about to turn around, then start jumping to the right. If done correctly, the bananas will always be lined up. You will have to re-enter the stage to try again if you fail.
  • When the barrel drops from lining up the 3 bananas, DO NOT run at the wall. This will result in the victory animation and you won't actually make it into the bonus. You need to jump into the wall instead.
  • To do the bonus entry at 1:02, roll into the Manky and let go and repress Y once you're to the right of the barrel. Then, throw the barrel around when you touch the ground. If done correctly, you should be able to do an extendo on the Kremling like the video does.
  • To do the extended roll at 1:20, tap Y as late as possible before hitting the Manky and repress when you are over the arrow sign.