Poison Pond 101

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There are no bonuses in water levels, so 101% is played exactly the same as All Stages.



  • This level is extremely unforgiving. Make sure you know exactly when to start charging in each area so that you do not miss an attack and lose Enguarde.
  • If you lose Enguarde early, you can fetch him again by swimming right in the area directly after the halfway barrel. You can swim above the fish that guards him by mashing B and hugging the ceiling.
  • The key to the two mincer clips at :37 is make sure you start hugging the right wall as you go upwards. Push towards the wall and then straight up and you'll sorta curve into it without losing speed.
  • For the third mincer clip right afterwards, hug the ceiling and charge as soon as it dips downwards. This will get you through every time
  • If you lose Enguarde to the vertical-moving mincer, you can avoid the large school of fish at the end by hugging the ceiling. Make sure to wait a moment for the last pair of mincers to pass.
  • If you lose Enguarde before you reach the vertical mincer, swim upwards and sacrifice Diddy to get through it faster. Don't switch and sacrifice Donkey, because you need him in front for the next level anyway.
  • In the final horizontal section, you can stick to the ceiling to easily dodge all the fish.