Rambi Rumble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krazy Kremland
Level name Rambi Rumble
Previous level Mudhole Marsh
Next level King Zing Sting


  • Safe: 5/10
  • Optimal: 9/10




  • Team Throw Super Jump
  • Rambi Double Jump (Saves ~.8s).
  • To keep constant speed with Rambi you want to charge and press B to jump only. Changing directions with an airborne Rambi will stop your jump and quickly send you back down.




  • Time save on this route is difficult to time due to variable honey climbing (~1s)
  • At 0:05 intentionally bonking into the wall before the bee ring is used to set up consistent positioning for honey climb.
  • At 0:12 perform The TheClaude Super Hyper Mega Rambi Rumble Team Throw Mark III.
    • Instead of a team throw super jump to get to the hook, we perform a damage boost mid team throw. This requires good honey jumps or else the Klampon will bite you too early
    • Alternatively, you can do 'Vayaboi', but it is arguably more difficult (See MORE STRATS for Vayaboi).
  • At 0:18 the bee is spawned early by landing on a particular spot on the honey (just below the top) so that the bee is out of your way when you shoot out of the canon.
  • Take corners as tight as you can as Rambi by changing directions midair. A good example is at 0:42.


  • The combination of Vayaboi + Bee Skip is roughly the same speed as the optimal tape, but could save a couple frames for some players (as there are less honey jumps to deal with, and some may find it easier to honey jump faster with Diddy instead of Dixie). Missing either of these will cause you to lose time over optimal, however.
    • Bee Skip requires you to shoot the first few frames when the cannon points upward. You then use your super damage boost onto the Kutlass to reach the highest platform quickly (Saves ~.7s on its own).
    • There is a certain spot on the honey that helps you getting the trick more consistently. Aim to end your series of honeyjumps slightly below the top of it.
    • Vayaboi is tricky since it requires you to wait until the klampon is very close to you before jumping out (saves ~.35s on its own).
  • The Death Jump is really risky, as the Rambi Double Jump allows the floor below to be loaded. The jump through the first cannonball guy is also dangerous (Saves ~.3s). Here's a tutorial.


Team Throw Super Jump Backup


  • If you miss the Team Throw Super Jump to the hook, all hope is not lost! You can still get an easy (fail-proof) method to reach the hook by simply going to the platform to the right, teaming up, throwing, and getting hit by the Klampon.
  • A quicker but harder method is to roll-jump to the honey. It is not as easy as it seems, and requires a pretty short roll.
  • Missing the intended super jump will still cost ~6 to 10 seconds but at least, by doing a backup strategy, you can minimize the time lost and not have to go the natural route.

If u lose diddy somehow

  • The bigboy is definitely not easy but it minimizes the timeloss to about -6s
  • U can also opt into dropping down and grabbing the dk barrel at the start however this loses a lot more time.
  • This big boy is also useful in case u drop down from the very top.