Really Gnawty Rampage

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Gorilla Glacier
Level name Really Gnawty Rampage
Previous level Rope Bridge Rumble
Next level Oil Drum Alley

Safe, Damageful


  • You can hit the boss before he lands on the ground. Be careful not to lose DK, though, as you'll need him near the end.
  • Running DK into the boss after his third cycle will cause him to miss his fourth. Immediately jump on him again with Diddy to finish him off. If you time it so that he is near a wall, the final jump will be a lot easier to land.
  • If you plan to do the SJR in the next stage do not skip the fourth cycle as you need to have both kongs
  • In 101% you always do the cycle skip

Optimal No Damage

No damage is necessary if you want to do the SJR in the next stage


  • To be able to land back onto the invisible platform you will need to bounce on the right side of the Beaver for hits 2 and 3.

Ceiling Jump Tutorial

  • Explains how to reach the ledge on the top-left to get the third and fifth hits instantly.