Red-Hot Ride 102

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Crocodile Cauldron
Level name Red-Hot Ride
Previous level Lava Lagoon
Next level Squawk's Shaft


  • 2 Visits: 6/10
  • Optimal: 9/10

2 Visits


  • Rhinos don't fly.
  • The first jump onto the bees needs to be timed roughly when all of Rambi's legs are over the spot the barrel sits on.
  • Perform a Rambi Double Jump just before the trail of smoke after the third set of bees.
  • Standing on the left side of the balloon with Rambi will make it a lot easier to jump out of the charge.
  • In the second bonus, do the first throw as the first star is collected, then do another throw as soon as possible. Avoid missing stars on the left side!
  • The BigBoi to collect the DK Coin looks risky, but it will be easy to execute using the visual cues provided below. Getting the midpoint barrel is a good safety when starting out.
  • Alternatively, you may opt to do the developer intended Super Safe DK Coin Grab, at the cost of 5s.

DK Coin BigBoi Tutorial


  • Be holding right the entire time, but NOT up+right.
  • Full jump after the balloon has passed those two bananas.


  • Throw Dixie at the peak of the jump. Diddy should be mostly offscreen.
  • Keep holding B after throwing.


  • Repress and hold B when Diddy is over the tall pillar, as pictured.
  • Throw Dixie again when over the 3rd tallest pillar, numbered 3 in the picture.
  • Press start and select after collecting the DK Coin.

Super Safe DK Coin Grab


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