Reptile Rumble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Kongo Jungle
Level name Reptile Rumble
Previous level Ropey Rampage
Next level Coral Capers


  • Optimal: 6/10
  • 101%: 6/10

All Stages

Safe Route


  • This strat avoids extendos and demonstrates a way to make sure you don't get hit going under the Kremling at the end of the stage.
  • Fast crawlspaces were not included in this video as a way to show more alternatives to the optimal route, but it is very highly recommended that you try them even if you're new.



  • Jump as soon as you are about to enter the crawlspaces in order to leap through them. You'll need to hold down and right to avoid crawling.
  • Rolling into the crawlspace before jumping makes leaping through them easier.
  • Mash roll as soon as you are about to land during a fast crawlspace to zip to the other side. A bad jump will send you backwards instead, though.
  • You'll have to do an extended roll off the snake if you want to make the roll over the bee.


  • You can still do this by just rolling through both snakes without doing an extendo between them, the important thing is releasing Y after the last one and repressing at the edge of the platform.




  • Master your crawlspaces or you will bleed alot of time here
  • You have to let go of Y when you are near the rolling barrel in order to not pick it up.
  • Roll immediately after leaving the second bonus in order to hit the Kremlings after it.