Ripsaw Rage

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Mekanos
Level name Ripsaw Rage
Previous level Demolition Drain-Pipe
Next level Blazing Bazukas


  • Safe: 2/10
  • Optimal: 3/10




  • Be careful at the end. There is a rat on a platform you can't see since you go too fast.



  • You lose 2 frames for each rat you kill, so avoid as many as you can. There is one in a narrow corridor that cannot be avoided.
  • To skip the DK Barrel at 1:35, you must ascend the tree before the barrel spawns. Make sure you're familiar with the level layout before you attempt this. Skipping the DK Barrel allows you to maintain solo Dixie, making the next stage faster.
  • If you happen to grab Kiddy, you can toss him at the last bee of the level for minimal time loss (you will only lose time from the team-up animation).
  • For the ending, you want to climb the tree as quickly as possible and grab the flagpole as it spawns.
  • The end of the video shows a safer method of doing the ending, as well as a way to skip the rat at the DK Barrel.