Rocket Rush Beat Krematoa

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Krematoa
Level name Stampede Sprint
Previous level Swoopy Salvo Beat Krematoa
Next level Rocket Rush to Knautilus

Difficulty: 3-8/10 (depends if you take it slow or rush)



  • In the first half of the stage, activation of side thrusters before rocket has reached maximum falling speed will hinder the increase of falling speed, so be mindful of activating them if maximum falling speed hasn't been reached yet
  • Some tight cornering is required for optimal progression

Rocket Rush Softlock Warning


  • WARNING: This will softlock your game!
  • To perform this glitch, enter the stage with only 1 Kong
  • Grab the DK barrel and immediately swap Kongs
  • "Complete" the stage as normal
  • Upon completion of your accent, you will be warped to an alternate version of level 1-2 [Doorstop Dash]
  • This version contains no enemies or set pieces (doors/levers with the exception of the first lever which does nothing, bonus barrel), and collision with the trap and rope will be broken