Rope Bridge Rumble 101

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Difficulty: 9/10



  • To do the extendo at :27, release Y after the second guy and repress on the tire. If you fail it, you just have to jump at the end. Mashing Y at the start helps if you miss the hit on the second guy often.
  • The turn around right after the extended roll is done to manipulate the time that the platforms spawn on the screen. Failing to do so will make the jumps impossible without waiting for them to turn back around. After practice, you can do it very fast like shown in the video, but starting off, face left longer to be sure it worked.
  • The tire roll at :38 is tough, as the platform is moving. The other strat is to wait on the tire then bounce up, which only loses .6 on average.
  • Hold left as the screen fades in after the final bonus. This manipulates the Army so he rolls out of your way.