Rope Bridge Rumble GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country GBA
World name Gorilla Glacier GBA
Level name Rope Bridge Rumble
Previous level Ice Age Alley GBA
Next level Torchlight Trouble GBA




  • This is one of those stages where you can buffer inputs as you enter the stage (similar to ogang). To do the strat in the video, you actually want to be sure to avoid buffering your roll entering the stage (unless you opt to do a large jump, in which case it's fine).
  • Tires are very forgiving in this game and will let you land on them from pretty far away, as well as let you roll on them at any point
  • It's a little tight, but you can use Jump Momentum Conservation after rolling through the first Krem in the stage to save some frames. There's a couple Krems you can do it after later in the stage too that aren't as tight.
  • To get the roll onto the tire at 0:25 without getting a dead roll (which would prevent you from being able to clear the gap), you need to start your roll as far left as possible. It helps to make a visual cue and min jump onto the platform you roll from.
  • Doing a Ledge Roll on the first tire in the sequence at 0:32 only saves a few frames (<5 frames)
  • You can jump over the Army at the end without slowing down but it's a little tight. The faster you jump over him, the faster you spawn the last tire though.



  • Hero mode was used to simplify recording on console. The strats remain the same as regular Any% regardless.