Ropey Rumpus

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Razor Ridge
Level name Ropey Rumpus
Previous level Pot Hole Panic
Next level Barbos' Barrier


  • Safe: 5/10
  • Morks Old Route: 7/10
  • Optimal: 8/10


Safe (No Damage Boost)


Morks Old Route (Safe With Damage Boost)




  • This is over 10 seconds faster than the old route.
  • You can fail the Team Up Jump up to 9 times and still be faster than the old route, depending on how you fail.
  • At 0:10 is the HUAAAANG boost; a trick discovered by Final Fantasy Tactics router HUAAAANG.
    • The key is to do a small enough jump so you land at the top of the bee while he's still high enough.
  • The movement after HUAAAANG boost is important, as any other movement will require you to let go of the D-pad.
  • Make sure to grab the DK barrel at 0:15 if you're doing optimal Barbos and anticipate taking damage.
  • Horizontal Rope Climbing