Screech's Sprint

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name The Flying Krock
Level name Screech's Sprint
Previous level Stronghold Showdown
Next level K. Rool Duel


  • Safe: 7/10
  • Optimal: 9/10
  • If you're on The Urn: 20/10




  • Grabbing the halfway barrel after transforming into Squawks is a bit faster if you were to die.
  • The race skip is the biggest trick in this level. When approaching Screech, hit Up-Right+B to reach over Screech and then Down-Left+B to navigate past the race trigger (Saves ~1.3s).
    • If you were too high, you will get hit but damage boosting will make you skip the race anyway. Too low will trigger the race.



  • Do not grab the DK Barrel at the beginning of the stage, as grabbing it a bit later with Squawks is faster (no freeze frames).
  • At 0:07, despawn the Kloak so you can reach the ropes. Jumping over the bee and skipping the chest after is a bit tricky, but simple after some practice (Saves ~.3s by itself, but ~.9s accounting for the DK barrel skip).
  • At 0:35, you must skip the leftmost automatic barrel to make the Fanfare Skip at the end of the level consistent (Saves ~.6s overall).
  • At 0:49, do not wait for the bee ring cycle. Just go for it.
    • There are a number of ways to perform this (see More Strats section).


    • There are several spots where the brambles hitbox is deceiving and actually sticks out. Here's 2 examples.

Bramble 1.png

  • After the bee ring skip and before the bee maze.
  • the corner here has the hitbox stick out, only way to avoid it is by not doing an optimal corner.

Bramble 2.png

  • The final corridor of the level.
  • The hitbox sticks out on the left and right side. Proceed with caution.


  • TheJuuump (Saves ~.8s).
  • Krauser jump goes straight under the Mini-Necky, instead of climbing the rope all the way (Saves ~.3s).



  • Fake Bee Ring skip uses the invincibility frames to clear the bees, without any fancy maneuvers.