Slime Climb

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krem Quay
Level name Slime Climb
Previous level Rattle Battle
Next level Bramble Blast

Difficulty: 6/10




  • Uses Damage Boosting, Invisible Barrel, and Beetle Clashing to perform the Wrong Warp.
  • On the platform where you get the invis, you want to load the right beetle on camera first to set up the ID's unless you do the utlra risky 'Drum Slime' (See More Strats)
  • The final throw is tricky, as you need to be somewhat close to the bonus.
  • A good visual cue for the final throw is when you touch the wall.
    • Note that you need to jump before falling off the ledge for this visual cue to be most effective. Otherwise, you'll need to wait a bit before throwing after you touch the wall.
  • Alternative visual cue.



  • The water swap used in this video is outdated, but still viable. With a little practice, most players find the optimal water swap much easier overall, since it requires no mashing.



  • Roll off the edge with Dixie.


  • Once Dixie is in the water, hold Y and Up-Right. Press B once to swim upwards.


  • If done properly, Dixie will be at the top of the water.


  • At this point, press select to switch Kongs.


  • After pressing select, you want to be holding Y and Up-Right. You can mash B to ensure you get the jump on time, but the fish shouldn't be able to hurt you anyway.


  • Success!


  • Jumping to the left without loading the right beetle is faster, but is prone to random failures. Use these setups at your own risk (Saves ~1.1s).



  • If you lose a Kong attempting to team swap in water or accidentally enter the level with only 1 Kong, you still have a shot at getting the wrong warp!
  • You can wait and lure out the fish further to the right before diving in and swapping, for more safety. Do what you feel is comfortable to juke him.
  • To get the damage boost properly, make sure you swim to the top of the water before the fish attacks you. Swimming up before swapping can also increase your rate of success.
  • You can damage boost with the beetle on the platform too. The result is the same.
  • The other video demonstrates how the warp can be performed with Diddy, if you lose a Kong climbing the ropes.