Snow Barrel Blast 101

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Difficulty: 7/10



  • Rolling at :10 instead of jumping saves six frames if done correctly. If you just jump, let go of Y momentarily as you land (repress it as soon as you're in the air again) to avoid grabbing the barrel and sliding to your death.
  • At :19 you can shoot the barrels so fast that you will hit the bee, just afterwards its possible to hit the klaptrap if your jump the first 1 or 2 frames after landing.
  • The Barrel Boost just requires you to be on a slope. If you get the boost but miss a bird, it means you were turning around and jumped before you were fully facing forward.
  • To make the extended roll at :44 you have to roll through all 3 birds, this may take some time to be consistent with. The extendo tutorial on the All Stages page explains it well.
  • Under barrel at :57(failed in this video, check all stages) involves jumping directly into it from underneath, you have 6 frames to do this before reaching the death trigger, the best way to do this consistently is to use an audio cue from rolling threw the necky. Saves up to 21 frames.
  • You can skip the last bonus after re-entering the stage, but it's off-screen, making it the most difficult one to time. If you hear the barrel shot sound after pausing, you got it.