Squirt's Showdown

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Cotton Top Cove
Level name Squirt's Showdown
Previous level Fish Food Frenzy
Next level Krevice Kreepers

Difficulty: 3/10

Any% optimal


  • Position yourself to hit the 2nd eye.
  • Hold Up + Right and R (or A) to fire 2 water spouts and kill the right eye.
  • After the 2nd water is fired jump while still holding Up + Right + R (or A) to damage the first eye.
  • After you jump the 3rd water is fired instantly. Now let go of up and the 4th shot will finish the 1st eye.
  • Stop firing after the 4th shot if u want to do a quick ski grab on top.

Any% safe


  • Aim up + R to aim the eyes.
  • You can drop from the upper platform directly to the one under by holding right.