Stop & Go Station

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Monkey Mines
Level name Stop & Go Station
Previous level Bouncy Bonanza
Next level Millstone Mayhem


  • Optimal: 2/10
  • No Major Skips: 7/10

All Stages



  • The Rockkroc will not hurt you if you are rolling. If you jump out of your roll while inside of an active one, you will take damage however.
  • Hold left while entering the stage. Once you gain control of Diddy, roll to the left into the warp (this saves up to 2 frames).
  • If you simply roll through the exit of the stage, Diddy will slow down as he's exiting. To avoid this slowdown and maintain your roll speed, you will need to do what is called a "Fast Exit." To do this, simply start you roll towards the exit, release right on the dpad prior to reaching the exit, then repress right as you reach the far right side of the exit. This saves less than 5 frames.

Alternative Ending


  • This ending is more difficult but saves around 3 frames if performed optimally.

No Major Skips


  • To make it to the 2 krocs at 0:10 before they wake up (which reduces significant lag) you will need optimal movement after hitting the stop/go barrel prior
  • It is possible to roll from one platform to the next right before where the warp would drop you off, but it is very difficult