Tanked Up Trouble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Chimp Caverns
Level name Tanked Up Trouble
Previous level Boss Dumb Drum
Next level Manic Mincers


  • Safe: 1/10
  • Bird TuT: 6/10
  • Krem TuT: 10/10
  • Beav TuT: 6.5/10

All Stages

Safe (No Jumproll)


  • This route is the slowest, as it has no jumprolls. To do this level faster, learn one of the jumprolls below.

More Strats (Cool Extendo)


  • A cool extended roll to go for if you are not using any jumprolls! This is the hardest extended roll in the game.

Easier jumproll: Bird TuT


  • This is 12 seconds slower than the Kremling jumproll.
  • It is recommended to only learn this jumproll and stay away from KremTuT until you have a really good time and want to shoot for a record. Kremtut is extremely difficult and will kill many of your attempts once you start going for it, as surviving it after you hit the frame requires a lot of precise movement. Additionally, landing a really hard jumproll in a personal best run can make it very difficult to beat down the road even if you've improved a lot. It's a very frustrating situation that happens to many runners.
  • Make sure to tap Y for the frame rather than hold, as holding can cause this one to fail.

Tompa Bird-TuT Setup


  • An alternate setup from 2012 that you may find to be more consistent.
  • Setup:
    • Stand in the center and run when the platform starts going right.
    • Grab the fuel can.
    • When you land on the platform, wait just a brief moment. If you want a cue, watch Diddy's arms and jump off once they swing all the way backwards. Alternatively, just practice to get a sense for the timing yourself.
    • Land directly in the center of the bird, on its back.
    • Keep Y held down until the jumproll.
    • Fall straight down.
    • Run right as soon as you land on the platform. You should land near the edge of the platform, but if you almost fall off, you waited too long somewhere.
    • Make sure to tap Y for the frame rather than hold, as holding can cause this one to fail.
    • Once airborne, dodge the bee and stall until the second Gnawty on the video falls off the screen to make sure you don't die to te bee.
    • If you don't grab the N, you should be safe. If you do, wait in place for a couple seconds.

Optimal (Krem TuT)

Don't choke


  • This setup—if done properly—yields the correct height needed to make it over the bees consistently with a lenient window.
  • If you die to the barrel, you started the jumproll set-up too late!

Kremtut Reflected Bee Wiggle Visual

Kremtut ref.jpg

Kremtut Lepi Setup Visual

Kremtut lepi.jpg

Beav TuT (back-up jumproll)

video tutorial

  • the 2 setups shown in the video allow you to not die and continue the run if you miss the trick
  • the setup is not free, the jump over the gnawty with DK is actually kinda precise in terms of timing
  • you can definitely still get a 31 with that, don't overlook it !
  • SO to Snakpak