Tanked Up Trouble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Chimp Caverns
Level name Tanked Up Trouble
Previous level Boss Dumb Drum
Next level Manic Mincers


  • Safe: 1/10
  • Bird TuT: 6/10
  • Krem TuT: 10/10

All Stages

Safe (No Jumproll)


  • This route is the slowest, as it has no jumprolls. To do this level faster, learn one of the jumprolls below.

More Strats (Cool Extendo)


  • A cool extended roll to go for if you are not using any jumprolls! This is the hardest extended roll in the game.

Easier jumproll: Bird TuT


  • This is 12 seconds slower than the Kremling jumproll.
  • It is recommended to only learn this jumproll and stay away from KremTuT until you have a really good time and want to shoot for a record. Kremtut is extremely difficult and will kill many of your attempts once you start going for it, as surviving it after you hit the frame requires a lot of precise movement. Additionally, landing a really hard jumproll in a personal best run can make it very difficult to beat down the road even if you've improved a lot, which is just a really frustrating situation to be in.

Tompa Bird-TuT Setup


  • An alternate setup from 2012 that you may find to be more consistent.
  • Setup:
    • Stand in the center and run when the platform starts going right.
    • Grab the fuel can.
    • When you land on the platform, wait just a brief moment. If you want a cue, watch Diddy's arms and jump off once they swing all the way backwards. Alternatively, just practice to get a sense for the timing yourself.
    • Land directly in the center of the bird, on its back.
    • Don't let go of Y at any point.
    • Fall straight down.
    • Run right as soon as you hit the platform.
    • Once airborne, dodge the bee and stall until the second Gnawty on the video falls off the screen to make sure you don't die to the bee.
    • If you don't grab the N, you should be safe. If you do, wait in place for a couple seconds.

Optimal (Krem TuT)

Don't choke


  • This setup—if done properly—yields the correct height needed to make it over the bees consistently with a lenient window.
  • If you die to the barrel, you started the jumproll set-up too late!



  • Beat the stage first using the All Stages videos above, then re-enter to get the bonus as shown in this video.
  • Holding right as you mash buttons after beating the stage the first time will keep you from walking to 6-2 so that you can re-enter the stage immediately.
  • The bonus-skip is off-screen, but not as difficult at the one in Snow Barrel Blast. Generally, you want to pause as soon as Diddy goes off the screen (may vary slightly depending on whether your TV has any overscan).
  • Nailing this skip will save ~10 seconds, so it's worth practicing.