Topsail Trouble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gangplank Galleon
Level name Topsail Trouble
Previous level Lockjaw's Locker
Next level Krow's Nest


  • Safe: 2/10
  • Optimal: 7/10
  • Optimal Alternative 8/10


The wrong warp route is intended for players who have some experience running the game already. Do not try if this is your first attempt.





  • This trick saves the most time out of all World 1 tricks, at ~4s.
  • Aim for a fast beetle clash in order to avoid Dixie's throwing animation. A slow clash is a bigger time sink than it seems.
  • Do not walk to the right to line yourself up for the throw at the end. Do it as you fall.



  • The first trick uses Rattly's True Double Jump.
    • TDJ timing is 3 frames; you want to press Y+A+B roughly when the red star is fully white.
      • If Rattly does a normal jump on land, you have pressed A+B too late.
      • If Rattly starts charging, you have pressed A+B too early.


  • Rattly must land on top of the platform; he must not fall!
  • See backup video below if he does fall.


  • Beetle Clashing on slopes is different than normal clashing. It must be done while in the air.


  • If you made it this far, the throw is also tighter than the one in Mainbrace Mayhem.
  • To time the throw, do a short hop (quickly tap b), and the second you see dixie start falling from her hop, throw left.
  • Where you throw the invisible barrel in respect to your vertical height can make or break the ' Wrong Warp!
  • Invisible Barrel

Optimal Alternative (Lukesail)


  • This is a faster version of the normal Topsail wrong warp saving about 0.7
  • Jumping into the beetle facing left is roughly the same as jumping into it to the right, utilizing a full jump into it.

Optimal Alternative Alternative (Crypton Clash)


  • Same deal as Lukesail, but instead of jumping to the beetle, you just walk. This makes it easier to execute.
  • Your walk and jump speed are the same, so doing this loses no time over the other strat.


If you throw too high (shoutouts)

If you throw too low

  • Try to not scroll the camera. if the warp goes off-screen it will despawn and u won't be able to get it.

If you drop Rattly

  • Luke Topsail still works!
  • Normal Topsail: After beetle clash, remain facing right and wait for the beetle to flip over before dropping down.

If you fail the omega u can shorthop up instead

  • Luke Topsail does not work with this setup as the snake despawns too quickly.
  • Jumping by the beetle is used to time your fall. You must fall down as the beetle gets up as this will affect the ids.
  • This might be easier than going for a normal omega.