Tracker Barrel Trek

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Cotton Top Cove
Level name Tracker Barrel Trek
Previous level Kreeping Klasps
Next level Fish Food Frenzy


  • Optimal (U): 9/10
  • Optimal (J): 9/10


Optimal (U Version)


  • At :22 by skipping rolling threw the last guy it sets up the getting across in 2 barrel shots much easier, which is tight. Failing will result in a death, or falling all the way down.
  • At :45 the bees are in different spots in the U and J versions of the game. For the U version the bee is much higher up making getting over it tighter.

Optimal (J Version)


  • The glide at 0:25 is very difficult, but saves 3 seconds over using 3 barrel shots.
  • Doing the final damage boost at 0:59 allows you to maintain solo Dixie until 5-1, saving time in that level as well.