Vulture Culture

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Vine Valley
Level name Vulture Culture
Previous level Necky's Nuts
Next level Tree Top Town


  • Optimal: 3/10
  • No Major Skips: 7.5/10

All Stages



  • The warp barrel is on a timer once it loads and disappears if you don't reach it fast enough.
  • The warp barrel here only appears if you are controlling DK. If you don't still have him from the previous stage, grab him and switch once you reach the ledge where the barrel is.
  • The first half of the stage is pretty straightforward. At 0:08, there is a tricky roll you can do by either jumping onto the tire or just in front of it and rolling through the necky. This saves less than 0.2 seconds, but isn't very risky to attempt.
  • Holding Y while being shot out of the warp will make you bounce on the mini Necky, Holding just right will clear him. Mashing swap with A is much more effective, and you will usually never die after landing on the edge. Getting a fast roll requires you to hold right for a little bit before rolling, and can be scary starting out.

No Major Skips


  • Paying close attention to how long you have to hold B after shooting out of barrels is important for positioning everywhere in this stage and can be difficult to remember at first
  • Skipping the barrel at :24 saves about 14 frames
  • If you try and buffer the roll at :33 it usually wont come out, so be sure to time this roll after you land