Vulture Culture GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country GBA
World name Vine Valley GBA
Level name Vulture Culture
Previous level Necky's Nuts GBA
Next level Tree Top Town GBA




  • This level uses Fast Shots extensively, so get comfortable with the button switches
  • At 0:16, do not hold down B through the whole section until after you bounce on the last bird before the halfway
  • You can start your roll to the halfway point at anytime, they will never not reach the barrel
  • At :33 the birds can turn around and shoot their nuts at you if you go to fast, follow the video exactly to avoid it
  • At :41 roll as close to the barrel without going in, and shoot as soon as the barrel is facing right or you will get hit by the bee.If you roll into the barrel you will have to wait a cycle to not hit the bee, losing time

Other Strats

  • These are different way to do some sections safer. They are all less than 1 second slower, and a lot safer
  • For the second strat, it is important to jump into the barrel, so you won't shoot into the bee