Winky's Walkway

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Monkey Mines
Level name Winky's Walkway
Previous level Very Gnawty's Lair
Next level Mine Cart Carnage


  • Optimal: 4/10

All Stages



  • Optimally you will want to do a slight extendo through the first Kritter. To do this, simply roll through him with Y released, the repress Y shortly after hitting him.
  • Do a min jump right before reaching the DK barrel and this will position you for the next extendo. Start your roll immediately upon landing from this jump and roll through the first Kritter while holding Y. Release Y as you pass through the 2nd Kritter, then repress Y shortly after and continue holding Y to roll through the Necky and onto the next platform. The repress is almost right after rolling through the 2nd Kritter, so it's fairly straightforward to get a feel for the extendo without a visual cue.
  • When jumping over the Gnawtys that are being ejected from the tin cans, you can either release dpad after jumping towards them, or do a quick left -> right on the dpad to slow down and jump over them, either works.
  • For the ending, you will want to do 2 mid jumps over the final 2 Gnawtys without releasing right on the dpad.